Monday, November 27, 2006

Bloody Ear Wax

Yes, I am bored. Bored enough to talk about this.

For some reason I get a huge wax build up in my left ear. And it ranges from solid grit through to liquidy waxy badness that curls down the ear pronger like the red on a barber's pole.

Well if you're interested - here's the wiki.

I once actually had to get it syringed. Later I saw the kidney dish the wax was floating in. It looked like the greasy spots you get when you stick a roasting pan to soak in the washing up.

It was foul.

Anyway - I was off work sick with IBS today. It was horrible. The heat and the gut pain meant no sleep for me and as such I've been dosing on and off all day in between failed attempts at toilet business. It seemed there was little movement at my station and the word had passed fuck all anywhere.

Damn blasted bowels.

I vaguelly hoped one day someone would say 'excuse me HM, it turns out you weren't a fat bastard afterall. It seems you had a 35kg benign tumor growing. We cut it out of you and while you may currently look like your stomach has a joker grin it will heal up nicely and you will be able to do all the stuff you couldn't do before. Riding, swimming, dancing, jogging etc.'

Wait a second ... that sounds like the words from a tampon box!

What else? Ah yes, the AWB findings came in. Bloody typical. Thanks to a dodgy frame of reference "just the AWB - nothing else" naturally the government got off scott free. Except in one sense of course. The shining light on the fact they created a culture where public servants knew to simply sign something off instead of give it the attention it deserved. Well, what do you expect when the top three layers of the public service are now individual contracts and performance linked so if you give your minister bad news then adios matey at your next review?

That's "accountability" for you. I suppose the flip side was the 30 years in the top job mandarins that used to subtley undermine ministers of governments they didn't like (witness the Whitlam years) but as a public servant I think they flipped it too far the other way.

By the way - check out the sheer unmitigated gall from Mr Vodaphone claiming that because his ministers "didn't know" they deserve an apology for their rank incompetance. Un-fucking-believable.

Anyway - off to bed in my stinking hot house after draining my left ear once more.

Once more! Once more into the breech dear friends. Or close the wall up with our Cerumen dead.

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