Friday, October 21, 2011

Adios Moo'Mar

I know it's a mellow harshener to give a (thrusts/arms/upward) 'Woot, woot' upon the demise of someone but when it's Muammar Gaddafi you're almost excused for it.

But just how fucking awesome is it that he's gone? That his kleptocratic ilk have been kicked to the curbside of history. Good riddance to despicable filth. And fuck me you have to hand it to the Cool Hand of O, my new bromance name for Obama, on this one. He committed minimal but highly lethal assets into a warspace, not really putting any US lives at risk (apart from those limited assets in country), got the English and French to lead on the 'WAR—It's FANTASTIC' front on the international stage to justify it, and, most importantly, even though it would not have happened for first-world interference the fact Gaddafi's fall was an indigenous-led-and-executed effort and thus free of imperialist entanglements. And the US got what it wanted, a tremendous pain-in-the-arse fucked off to the bin.

But the sheer bravery of ordinary men and women rising up against a feared security apparatus, risking all, to strike them all down ... fuck ... it's just the most incredible thing. It brings tears to the eyes that people can be that brave and that strong. It gives you hope at times when it's lacking.

Right on, comrades (raises power-left fist).

Oh and for years Gaddaffi constructed giant pipelines snaking beneath the desert, ostensibly for liquid or gas, which got people in a bit of a tizzy (1).

So I find it ironic he was caught hiding in a drain.

(1)Their size also suggested some sort of possible nefarious dual-use—hello underground and thus concealed transport system.

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