Friday, October 14, 2011

A Butch Arms Up Moment

I was in Coles looking for a BBQ Lighter.

It was then my Butch Arms Up moment kicked in.

The first option was okay. It was cheap but not as sleek as the one next to it, an all red effort from the good people at Redheads. That was nine dollars plus some, however. Nearly twice as expensive.

And then ... then I saw it. A Scripto Wind Resistant model with a flexible metal nozzle—the hose like you get with moveable shower heads ... that hang like resting metal snakes sleeping against shadowed tiles.

If this was a movie my hand would then have reached into shot to snatch it off the peg.

I used it when I got home. It's deliberately difficult to ignite (1), requiring thumb and index finger action, which is good considering I gave theBoy a taste of how awesome fire can be (2). But the flame works well ... and I can totally death-from-above what I am trying to burn thanks to the flex.

All up ... a useful purchase. Or, since we're all trying to be more Jobsie ('Hail him'), i.e. be like the recently deceased famously clad in a black turtleneck computer doyen Steve Jobs, who apparently either loved stuff or hated stuff but was never 'meh', it is an insanely useful purchase.

Especially for when the Zombies come. Hello aerosol can my old friend...

(1) It's irritating ... but balanced against my child's ingenuity in potentially getting a hold of it and using it the irritation is worth it for peace of mind. Seriously. The only things that will stop him from opening something is physicality such as his child-weak grip. Kids are fiercely clever.

(2) Parental fail

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