Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hilarious dissing

The other day theBoy and I were telling stories to each other when theWife interrupted to ask him something. He got up off his chair, walked over to the door ... then gently closed it in her face. Then he sat back down and rolled his eyes at the now closed door.

I did a stupid thing. I laughed.

That's some bad babysitting.


  1. OMG that's awesome.

    (Captcha: sofinest)

  2. Anonymous3:05 PM

    I read this post on the way to work - travelling of course via public transport in peak hour.

    I got the rolled eyes and annoyed looks from commutors from laughing so loud at that time in the morning. And for laughing in public.

  3. Yeah, the laughing part was a bit of a fail. It is funny though. :p


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