Saturday, October 22, 2011

If out of context...

theBoy and I were shouting-in-fun at each other. He called me a poo. I said he was a poo rider. Then I shouted 'You ride the poo wave! You ride the poo wave!'

In the silence that followed I realised what I said.

Luckily he's yet to form a sexual identity beyond girls having slightly longer hair (on average) and tending to cluster with each other. So I'm sure he wasn't offended.

By the way I do dislike the whole 'have you done a poo?' conversation starter I have to have with my child if I smell unpleasantness. He usually responds with an indignant 'NO!'

Fair enough. Of course I'll probably be being asked those very same questions by my GERIATRIC3000, limited-edition sexually-enabled upgrade edition carer-bot in some thirty odd years time... (1)

(1) I can imagine they'd have an array of bonus-purchasable celebrity-impressions created by audio-sampler wizards you could select to have as the voice. So you'd have a Marilyn voice asking breathlessly 'have ... you ... done ... a poo ... Mr [PATIENT'S SURNAME]?', or a Cher one asking 'well, have you done a poo? Have you? Well, snap out of it!'. However, if you're a cheapskate, you'd still get some celeb action ... and just pretend the default is Stephen Hawking...

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