Thursday, February 04, 2016

Fighting my way back out

The trouble with a psychological injury is that your injury's severity and its impact on your life can vary due to circumstance.

I've woken early two days running and cannot get back to sleep again—cold fury lands and I have to read my tablet—or anything—to keep my mind off it.

This journey is a known one; I've been down it before. So these moments come, and sometimes—like an obnoxious house guest—they hang around for days or weeks. 

I hate being swamped, consumed with anger. Loathe it—even if it enabled me to get things done. So I'm fighting my way back out of anger and trying to find a place where I can move forward without that dead horse I'm chained to. I'll use Cognitive Behaviour Techniques (CBT) to deflect the anger and concentrate on the future.

Be the mirror-less moped driver.

Future WFTW.

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