Sunday, February 07, 2016

Space outs are insidious

I'm listening to NPR and playing Freecell but I've noticed myself more than once autonomically pausing the radio because I am in a space out. It's like my semi-active brain goes "shh, radio, thinking" and I start thinking about things I can't think about and either keep playing Freecell but trapped in past pain or I stop playing completely and just sit there in a full space out.

Then I snap out of it, press play then keep going. 

In the future my robotic butler exo-skeleton will be programmed to prompt me if I fall into such a state. Perhaps with a polite cough? Something with a bit of class, with diamonds and glitter and shit.

In fact I can see blinging one's robot butler exo-skeleton will become a thing. 

Come on, Google, or Alphabet or whatever the fuck your name is now, get onto it—robot butler exo-skeletons.

Back to the radio and the game.

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