Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Broke a glass mug

One of the shitty aspects of having a shitty psychological injury is the increased propensity to drop things—the wound and medication cause hand tremours whose severity varies depending on overall anxiety. 

My fingers also spring open of their own accord unless I actively concentrate to hold it when picking something up.

I picked up a glass mug balanced on a glass mug beneath it but my trembling hand meant it hooked the one beneath and the mug fell to shatter into a cloud of a hundred splinters across the kitchen floor. 

My fight (slash) flight had triggered with the sudden burst of glass and I was angry. I was angry I had dropped the mug and I was angry at being injured. 

Because that's the other shitty thing about a psychological injury—you didn't cause it; it happened to you.

Other previous injury-induced January droppings have included thumbdrives, my phone and the keys that fell into the kitty litter and right onto a litter crystal spackled cat turd.

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