Saturday, January 28, 2017

Right into the heart of the first amendment

Not being a scholar of US law, even if it doesn't violate the first amendment for harshing on a singled-out religion, Trump's action to ban people from entering the US from a list of seven Muslim countries is nothing less than a knife to the heart of that amendment

It was designed to stop exactly this sort of bullshit; of fucksticks declaring their faith #1 and all others suck and must bow down—or else. You cannot use the power of a state to menace a faith—even if you think it's bonkers nuts because your own faith says it is otherwise.

I find it especially delish that it affects countries that US geopolitical policies broke—the GOP are the ones who whacked the wasp's nest that caused the middle-east to implode and they are now refusing to deal with their mess. Those refugees are on their head.

I get it. When you've lived a life of just you, where your inputs of reality are from coiffed TV hosts, and you see simple stories it's easy to go argh and hold up your small hand and say "NO!"

But you're the fucking president; the office demands you do better than that. The legacies of all the people before you demand you do better than that. The people of America demand you do better than that.

I will be interested to see what the GOP in the house does. Almost certainly nothing.

It feels like we're all in a grand experiment—what would happen if a "billionaire" racist thug got the presidency?

We'll we're seeing it—and it's just week one.

Probs save us all. 

UPDATE: The real world implications just landed. Donald Trump is a monster. 

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