Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sucked on a robot

It was in the dark that I encountered the robot, its bulbous head slipping into my mouth when I eagerly sought something else refreshing. 

I got a combo pack at the cinema whose drink cup lid came with a Rogue One plastic bust of one of the characters—in this case a droid whose name I do not know. It was as I searched for the slushie's straw with my mouth that I got the droid's head instead and it took a moment before I realised the fail.

I did love that on the Rogue One popcorn tin that the only character whose face could be seen was that of Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn.

I fully expected him to say "You right?! or "What are you looking at!?" if I lingered more than two seconds. 

I like that; it's a good tag. 

(preview man voice) Rogue One—what are you looking at?! in cinemas now.

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