Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Duck Vs crocs and a rake

The other day I lost my rag at the duck. It came to the gate to bully me and I was in the middle of a flashback. I snarled and charged into the pen to chase it down—it freaked and waddled as fast as it could away from me. It took about 10 seconds of that frenetic anger to burn out for me to realise what I was doing. I left without damaging the duck.

The duck's mood and attitude did not change after the altercation.

Days later I heard what sounded like the duck attempting for yet another time to have its way with a brown chicken in the new hutch but I left that alone as I lacked the dexterity to deal with it. After a while I saw the duck in the yard but no third chicken so risked entry to the pen to check the chicken was okay.

So the duck attacked me. I'm not afraid of it, I was wearing crocs so it couldn't peck my feet. It could go my shinbones, and tried, but I inserted my croc-ed foot beneath its tummy then carefully but forcefully lifted it into the air to flap back to the ground away from me. 

It avoided me for a bit but the moment I wasn't watching it then it attacked me again. Once more the croc was inserted and the duck flipped back. It did not dissuade it. 

Needing to check the old hutch for the missing chicken I armed myself with the metal grass rake and used the fan of steel tines as a shield to block the duck's approach. That worked enough for me to see into the old hutch, confirm the third chicken alive and not damaged, then exit for the exit. I left the rake against the hutch.

Since I couldn't see the duck, and I was now unarmed and not looking at it, the duck went for me as I went through the gate, forcing me to fend it off with a croc-foot. 

The duck is to be gone—the attempted chicken raping the final straw. It shouldn't attack the means of production; the duck was merely decorative for us. Now it will go off and decorate elsewhere.

Fortunately it cannot fly and the outer gate of the house has mesh up the side to prevent chickens escaping if they made it out the pen. So even if it remembers our address then it won't get in.

It may lurk behind the bins though. I might have to get one of those underside-of-vehicle mirrors to check each day over the fence before I leave the house that it's not in wait. 

The crocs and the rake were mostly effective. But if there's a next time I'm upgrading to wellington boots and a tree branch.

UPDATE: I went back in, twice, same kit as before save for the second time when I went bare foot. It pecked the top of my bare foot. But the rake was used to deflect and a safe exit was accomplished. Not long now, my feathered un-friend...

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